Paramount Pet-Sitting, LLC
Cancellation Policies
Learn and abide by these policies to help protect yourself and our business!
🐶Why is there a cancellation policy in place?🐱
Many pet-sitters have a cancellation policy in place to not only protect you, as the consumer, but also to help protect your pet-sitter!

More often than not, pet-sitters design their entire schedule around you and your pets. This means we will schedule to hangout with friends, family, and loved ones on days that we aren't pet-sitting. Sometimes, vacations will even be scheduled as to not interfere with the days when you need us!  

Therefore, this strict cancellation fee is ultimately put into place to repay Paramount Pet-Sitting, LLC for their dedication to this career. At Paramount Pet-Sitting, LLC, we are building relationships with not only your pets, but with you. We want clients who respect us, just like we respect them, their home, and their furbabies.
🚫 Cancellation Policy 🚫
‣ If notified a week in advance or more of the cancellation period, a full refund will be given

‣ If notified within 7 days of the cancellation period, a 50% cancellation fee will be required

‣ If notified within 48 hours of the cancellation period, payment will be required in FULL

‣ Certain instances may be subject to reconsideration (i.e. flight cancellation, extreme weather, etc.)

‣ Cancellation Period: Begins the 1st day of the scheduled service.
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