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Getting To Know Your Pet-Sitter
Learn about Kim's veterinary background, her love for all animals, and what she likes to do in her spare time!!! 
🐱Meet Kim (me!)🐶
My passion for animals stemmed from when I was a little girl playing doctor on my stuffed animals. I knew I wanted nothing more than to work in the veterinary field making a difference in animals' lives everyday. My infatuation with animals drove me to start my collegiate career immediately after high school. I obtained my Associate Degree in Veterinary Sciences in 2012 from the accredited Vet Tech Institute of Fort Wayne, Indiana. That same year, I passed my VTNE (Veterinary Technician National Exam) and state board exam which produced my state license.

I have had plenty of experience with all different kinds of animals throughout my veterinary and pet-sitting career such as, but not limited to: lizards, llamas, sugar gliders, rats, frogs, dogs, and cats. I have veterinary experience in both general practice and emergency fields. I love being able to help save an animal's life. It is an extraordinary feeling to make miracles happen. If your pet were to experience an emergency, you can trust that I will be calm and collective in knowing what actions should be taken. You will be notified immediately and emergency protocol will be discussed prior to my stay/visit with your pet(s). 

When I'm not busy snuggling with other peoples' pets, I'm living life to the fullest, whether that means traveling, spending times with friends and family, or playing sports. I enjoy basically any sport-like activity such as sand volleyball, swimming, hackysack, ping-pong, tennis, etc. Additionally, I love reading and hiking. I also love taking walks, so your pups will be sure to get plenty of exercise and I will be sure to keep their feet well-protected from the hot asphalt! 
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