Paramount Pet-Sitting, LLC
Pet Pricing And Services Offered!
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What Paramount Pet-Sitting Has To Offer!
  •  In order to give your pets the attention they love and deserve, I will only see 1-2 clients at a time dependent upon whether I am staying at your home or performing drop-in visits.
  • I am available for holiday care!
  •  Visit my Contact Page so we may discuss my availability in order to provide the best, most attentive care for your pet! 
What Kim Would Like To Know About Your Pets
  •  Does your pet have separation anxiety or any phobias?
  •  Is your pet food or animal aggressive?
  • Does your pet have any medical issues that I should be aware of?
  •  Does your pet have allergies and are they on a special diet?
  •  How does your pet normally act while you are away? 
My Preferences
  •  I am able to pet sit for pets from 0-100+ #
  • I am able to transport pets from 0-90#
  •  I prefer to watch pets that are spayed/neutered
  •  I prefer to watch female pets when they are not in heat
  •  I am able to pet sit for dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles, and rabbits
  •  I can pet sit up to 3 dogs per household
Additional Skills
  •  Oral, topical, and injectable medication administration
  •  Can provide daily exercise
  •  Emergency experience
  •  Knowledge of medication side effects
  •  Experience with dogs and cats from juvenile to geriatric!
Pet Pricing and Services Offered
Let me show you and your pets how fun and exciting a pet-sitter friend can be!
  •  Initial Phone Consultation and 1st Meet 'N' Greet (prior to pet-sitting): FREE!!!
  •  Pet-Sitting (in your home): $55 per night
  • Cat Care: $50 per night
  •  Holiday Rate (for pet-sitting in your home): $65 per night
  •  Additional Dog Rate: $20 per dog and per additional day
  •  Additional Cat Rate: $20 add. fee if over 3 cats (per day)
  •  Puppy Rate: $60 per night
  •  Medication Administration: $5 per injection or application
  •  Drop-in Visits: $35 per visit
  •  Additional Dog Rate (for drop-in pet-sitting): $15 per dog and per additional day
  •  Puppy Rate (for drop-in pet-sitting): $40 per visit
  •  Holiday Rate (for drop-in pet-sitting): $45 per visit
  •  Dog Walking: $30 per walk
  •  Additional Dog Rate (dog walking): $20 add. fee per walk if over 2 dogs
  •  Mileage: $0.50 per mile if over 10 miles one way
  •  Bathing: $20 per pet and per bath
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