Paramount Pet-Sitting, LLC
Make Sure Your Pet Is In Good Hands!
Reduce your stress by letting a reliable, experienced, and responsible professional take care of your pets and house while you're away.
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Why You Should Hire Paramount Pet-Sitting, LLC
Keep Your Pets Comfortable!
Pets are more comfortable in their own environment following their usual routines. Avoid the stress of going to a boarding facility in an unfamiliar territory. I can offer you status updates and pictures of your pets while you're away so you can feel at ease knowing that your pet is happy and relaxed in my care. 
Pets Stay Healthy!
Pets are not exposed to kennel-related issues, such as kennel cough and fleas. Your pets will also not be required to have additional vaccinations which is especially beneficial to those pets who have vaccine reactions. Your pets will also be able to avoid the common stress-induced diarrhea associated with boarding facilities.
Personal Attention!
Your pets receive one-on-one personal attention suited to their specific needs. This includes being able to recognize behavioral, medical, and appetite changes early on. Your pets are also entitled to extra TLC while you are away and I will always treat them as if they are my own!
Highly Trained Caretaker!
I have been working as a Veterinary Technician for the past 5 years with experience in both general practice and emergencies. If any issue were to arise while you were away, wouldn't you want a trained professional taking care of your pet instead of the girl next door? I'm also skilled at administering medications and am knowledgeable about the side effects of certain drugs. 
What Our Clients Are Saying:
I LOVE what I do, and my clients Love me!
"Kim has always been our go-to pet-sitter even before her pet-sitting business. She loves and cares for our pets as if they were her own. We love getting pictures of our pets happily playing or comfortably sleeping while my husband and I are away. We have had Kim watch over our house and our 2 cats, 3 dogs, a pond of fish, and our bearded lizard, and Kim always proves to have no issues. We truly appreciate knowing our pets are in the safe hands of an experienced vet tech and have already recommended Kim to our friends and family and will definitely continue to do so!” 
- Juli Tattersall
Kim was very professional and respectable with watching my dog. She was even able to help me with calling her just a couple of days before I needed her help. You can tell she is experienced and comfortable with any type of pet. I could tell Mojo had a great time with Kim staying with him over the weekend. I will be using her company, when I need to, in the future.
- Donnie Snider
“Kim has always been great with our pups Bella and Dottie. She has watched them and our home multiple times and we would use her again and again if she still lived in Indiana. She has provided our pets with baths, toenail trims, and she even helped teach us how to do anal glands on our pets after she had done it on Bella and Dottie multiple times beforehand. Kim’s veterinary background really makes us feel more comfortable and trusting of her ability to take care of our sweet dogs. We were grateful to have her watch our pets when she did!”  
- Scott and Deb Prohl
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